Award Categories

  • Best Short Wedding Highlights Video (1-3 min)

    Short videos that are essentially a glimpse into the overall wedding celebrations, beginning to end, or as a teaser to a larger film, meant to be shared easily and quickly, primarily over social media. This category is open to creative interpretation.

  • Best Storytelling in a Wedding Video (3-12 min)

    The best films are beautifully scripted and narrated, with a storyline, protagonists, a beginning and a conclusion. The story and how it is told, how events unfold, is the key focus of this category. This category is open to creative interpretation.

  • Best Long Form Wedding Video (12-20 min)

    The pace and overall quality, storyline and style, all make an impact when you have up to 20 minutes to show a wedding. While creative interpretations are welcome, the fundamental idea of a long form video is also as a record for future generations.

  • Best Ambient / Recorded Audio in a Wedding Video (1-3 min)

    Be it short messages from family and friends, traditional rituals, or wedding vows, the quality of audio and its editing is critical to a video's impact. This is also the most ignored aspect of wedding videos. This category primarily considers audio, both scripted and separately recorded, or ambient sounds from microphones, and its editing.

  • Best Cinematography in a Wedding Video (3-12 min)

    Great cinematography, the use of technique, composition, exposure and managing lighting are the hallmarks of a good wedding video. This category is in recognition of the contributions of those physically behind the cameras. This category is open to creative interpretation.

  • Best Edited Wedding Video (3-12 min)

    A lot of movie magic occurs at the editing desks and workstations of video editors. Timing, transitions, and line-ups… It takes a special talent and a whole different set of skills and knowledge to edit videos. Video editors are an inseparable part of its creation. This category is open to creative interpretation.