About The Awards

The Art of Wedding Video Filmmaking

It is easy to see why cinema, as a form or art, craft, and science, has made such an enormous impact on society. It has permeated every level of industry, and reached out to the masses just as it has to the individual, as creative vision, as documentary, and as entertainment. There are so many fine details that go into the making of moving visuals… from ideation, planning, visual flow, framing in motion, colours, lighting, scripts, narrative, music and audio, to the showcasing of characters or actors, to the editing and the final presentation. Cinema and video is just as varied in form and intent. From teasers and trailers, and short films to long form storytelling, every form has its place and requires to be made for an audience. Video can be a terrifically production intensive, with dozens of individuals working as teams on various aspects of a movie, or incredible vision and artistry can also emerge from micro-productions, from just one person working on it.

In recent years, wedding filmmaking has emerged as a genre in its own right in India. In many ways, this is among the most intensive forms of movie-making. The matrimonial union between two people and their families take on whole new forms and meaning, especially in India. Religion, culture colours, emotions, stories, history, and centuries of traditions distill into a few days, or just one day, or even a few hours, at an Indian wedding. Rich and resplendent, or from within a tiny rural village somewhere in India, there are brilliant stories to be told, faces and traditions to be documented, memories to be preserved, generations to be regaled. It is the responsibility of production teams, videographers, editors, specialists and artists to ensure that the story is documented and beautifully told.

Panasonic LUMIX Better Photography Wedding Video Awards

As the foremost in video technologies with a large quality oriented line-up of professional and enthusiast level cameras, lenses, and capture related products, Panasonic LUMIX partnered with Better Photography to recognise and laud talent in India in wedding videography. This is the very first edition of the Wedding Video Awards. Organised by Better Photography and annually instated, the Wedding Video Awards seeks to provide a platform of merit. As the creators and organisers of India's singularly biggest annual awards in wedding photography, the Better Photography Wedding Photographer of the Year Awards, now into its eighth edition, we expect the Better Photography Wedding Video Awards to likewise be more than just a recognition, but to set the standard, catapulting its winners to a new level of professional success.

This year, the awards commence with six separate categories that look at various types of movies made at a wedding, and also seeks to recognise technical prowess in certain individual areas of filmmaking. The last date of submission is September 23, 2019. Please read the descriptions for each category, and the terms and conditions for participating. A detailed FAQs section is also available.