General Rules (Summary):
1. You can submit multiple photos in any contest. However, photos need to be uploaded only one at a time.
2. Photos submitted must be at least 640 pixels on the shorter side, and no more than 2000 pixels on the longer side. Images should be no larger than 2MB. Photos must be in JPEG format The file size should not exceed 2 MB.
4. For each photo, specifying a caption is mandatory.
5. Once uploaded, photos/details can be deleted, altered, or changed only before the contest closing date.
6. Uploaded photos will be displayed on the site only after moderation.
7. A photograph that has won the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd prize in a Better Photography contest cannot be entered again in another Better Photography contest for 6 months after winning.

Note: The detailed Terms and Conditions for participating in the contests are available here.