DigiTek Professional Tripod & HD Monitor


Using the right kind of tripod and monitor during a commercial video shoot can make all the difference in the world to the quality of the results obtained. A tripod must be stable and firm. It also helps the situation if it’s not too heavy. A monitor must have excellent display and should be convenient to use. The DigiTek DTR 510 VD Pro and the 7-inch Clip-on HD Monitor DLM 007 are both easy to set up and operate.

Sahil Shah is a commercial videographer based in Mumbai. He is the owner at Cameo Reel, a production company which provides creative film concepts, direction and production for clients and advertising agencies.

Sahil Shah is a commercial videographer based in Mumbai. He is the owner at Cameo Reel, a production company which provides creative film concepts, direction and production for clients and advertising agencies.

Light and Steady
The DigiTek DTR 510 VD Pro is light in weight and comes in a well designed, utilitarian tripod bag, and most importantly, it is economical. At a production house of the nature of the one I own, there are a variety of users… highly experienced professionals as well as the beginner who is at his first job. High-end users might need heavy, expensive tripods. But for those who assist, or with a couple of years of experience, the DigiTek DTR 510 VD Pro is perfect and even preferred for its economy, weight and features. While testing it for this review, I quickly grew accustomed to it and quite liked what it offered.

It has a three-way head with adjustable pan, and steady rubberized legs. It also features a bubble level to adjust horizontal positions. The multipurpose head comes with a quick release function for DSLRs. Initially, I was slightly apprehensive about how it may withstand rough use. But the DTR 510 VD Pro is steady on its feet. It is well-suited for commercial shoots where one is filming out on
the streets, or within a studio. A good lock system for video tripods must allow quick set up and take down. There are areas of compromise on every type of lock system… if its quick, it may not be as sturdy. The DTR 510 VD Pro has flip locks. While I personally prefer the more timeconsuming twist locks, the VD Pro’s flip lock system allowed me to set up just as swiftly and easily like I would like. At the end of the day, it’s all about personal preference.

Perhaps the best thing about the VD Pro is how light it is. Because of this, setting it up is a breeze. The DTR 510 VD Pro works well when paired with devices like the Sony A7 series, the Canon Mark 4s and even the heavier Nikon D800 series with its lenses.

At its price point, the DTR 510 VD PRO is a steal and I would recommend it for both beginners and professionals. Especially someone who prioritises keeping their equipment light, sturdy and practical.

Compact and Convenient
Other things being common, size and weight is something that should ideally be considered when one is looking to purchase an on-camera monitor. This is particularly true if you wish to mount it on your camera frequently and for longer durations, because the heavier the monitor, the more likely you are to grow tired quickly. You wouldn’t want that happening during a long, drawn out shoot.

The 7-inch Clip-on HD Monitor DLM 007 is uncomplicated. All you really need to do is to clip it on, just as the name suggests. It has friendly controls and user interface, making it easy to use even for someone who is getting used to handling monitors. I particularly like the feel of it. I have used this particular monitor a lot with my Ronin hand-held gimbal system, which I would not have been able to do this with a heavier monitor. I also frequently use the Sony Alpha a7S Mark II handheld for making videos and never rely on the in-built LCD because there may be tiny errors that I might miss out. It is compact enough to ensure that it does not obstruct shooting hand-held either, and it is portable for easy storage. The 16:9 aspect ratio and 800 x 480 native resolution supports 1980 x 1080 video, and the high brightness level of 250CD/m2 helps seeing all the details in brightly lit conditions as well.

The monitor comes with an in-built headphone socket, multiple input interfaces for every requirement, and an SD card slot, which is an aditional bonus. It is a great option for both professional
videographers, because it is so packed with features, and for the beginner, because it is so well-priced and easy to use.

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