DigiTek Professional DV Tripod DTR 520 BH


Dr. Mayur Davda is a dentist practicing in Mumbai with a keen interest in macro photography. His area of expertise is in liquid splash photography, wildlife macro, clinical dental & medical documentation photography. He is currently the president of India’s only institute training in dental and medical photography. He is also a Photomentor for Canon India.

The DigiTek Professional DV Tripod DTR 520 BH comes encased in a handy and comfortable bag which makes it convenient to carry while travelling. At first glance, the tripod appears well-finished and sturdy. It proved to be a good companion during photography sessions. At a folded height of 445mm, the tripod is compact and portable. I wound up using it extensively for my wildlife and nature macro photography. The twist lock system for the tripod legs function smoothly and are pretty reliable. For a person like me who frequently operates with screw locks on tripods, I found this to be much easier to get used to. The bottom of the center bar also has a hook to hold on to a sandbag.

The tripod has a minimum operating height of 320mm and a maximum operating height of 1510mm. This allows for a fair amount of flexibility to create images at both ground level and high vantage points. Furthermore, the tips of the tripod legs have a rubber finish that can firmly grip to different kinds of surfaces nicely.

Attaching the camera to the tripod is swift and simple. The movement of the ball head is smooth and the knob controlling friction is very receptive and well placed ergonomically. The pan lock
knob was easy to use and constantly displayed smooth rotation.

There is an intermediate ball attachment in the center bar which when unlocked can be used to increase the length of the center bar so as to align the center bar assembly horizontally.

This is not a common feature found in most tripods and can be put to good use by macro photography enthusiasts. Perhaps most importantly, the DTR 520 BH has a detachable leg which allows it to function as a monopod too.

While I would recommend using lighter lenses with this tripod, the DTR 520 BH is capable of operating under weights of up to 7kg. I would say that it is perfect for anyone who is looking for an economic alternative primarily for macro, portrait and landscape photography.