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Happy’s New Year

Shahidul Alam

Shahidul Alam recalls a bittersweet memory with a wistful girl named Happy.

I used wood to create a connect in this image. It forms the background in both images in this diptych. Photograph/Jason Travis


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Imagery from the Unconscious: Conveying More by Saying Less

Mahesh Bhat

Mahesh Bhat on developing the imagery behind the image.


Discovering Panoramas

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Amit Pasricha on why we photograph the way we do.

A Curious Photographic Incident

Guest Author

Sanjeev Saith recounts an incident featuring film, a camera and an angry Punjabi man.


Is Cellphone Photography A Brand New Medium?

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Swapan Mukherjee on the cellphone camera revolution.

Studying Contact Sheets Could Help You Shoot Better

Eric Kim

Eric Kim’s thoughts on the ‘myth of the decisive moment’.