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Allowing Your Photographs to Speak

By on in Perspectives

“The biggest tragedy lies in the deliberate unravelling of a photograph and reducing it to a bunch of words.”

Finding Comfort in the Abandoned

Conchita Fernandes

“My cellphone does not judge who I am. It lets me be who I need to be with myself and gives me the freedom of choosing who I am with others.”

Musings on Photography, Storytelling & Life

Raj Lalwani

Raj Lalwani ponders over why the act of recounting an anecdote is much like making a picture.

Photographic Clichés

Martin Parr

Martin Parr lists down some of the most commonly photographed subjects. Read this in case you think your photography is becoming predictable.

An Hour With a King

Guest Author

An excerpt from the late Madhaviah Krishnan’s book ‘Eye in the Jungle’ of him recounting a very special moment in the wild.