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The Singular Truth about Great Photography

K Madhavan Pillai

“The greatest acts of love are also viewed, by those who don’t understand, as the most far reaching acts of self-fulfillment.”

Why The Unattainable Is Good For You

K Madhavan Pillai

Have you ever noticed that the ‘ideal’ camera usually happens to be out of your budget?

The Meaning of Practice

K Madhavan Pillai

K Madhavan Pillai challenges the skeptics of digital photography.

A Tool for Change

K Madhavan Pillai

Our brains are wired for visuals. A much larger part of our reflexes are connected to what we see. If I ask …


The Place of Photography

By on in Perspectives

“No other art form can show humanity to humanity, with such disquieting directness.”

Connecting Across the Rifts

K Madhavan Pillai

“A friendship needs no pretence, explanations, excuses, or apologies… neither does the practice of photography.”

Photography is Feeling It

K Madhavan Pillai

Better Photography editor K Madhavan Pillai talks about what photography means to him.

Food for Thought

K Madhavan Pillai

“Isn’t every frame an accident, perhaps of our own choosing?”–K Madhavan Pillai