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Six Simple Rules of Making Money Through Photography

By on in Perspectives

How does one make money through photography, and how does one make lots of it?

Making New Experiences For Yourself

Conchita Fernandes

“Sometimes it takes several kinds of experiences, some good and some lousy, for you to discover your footing in the larger scheme of things.”

Layers of Meaning

K Madhavan Pillai

The Editor talks about the layers of meaning that a photographer is able to instill in a photograph.

It Has Become So Easy to Remember… But Do We?

Supriya Joshi

Back in 2002, I was graduating from high school, and I decided to make pictures of the day.

Those Photographic Monsoon Joys

K Madhavan Pillai

The editor, on the joy of monsoons.

The Most Valuable Gift

K Madhavan Pillai

The Editor talks about the most valuable gift that cameras give us—memories.

The Great Gig in our Heads

Raj Lalwani

Last month, I decided to disappear.

Recovering From Photographic Paralyses

K Madhavan Pillai

The Editor speaks about hitting blocks and the ways in which we can deal with our creative paralyses.

What Is The 10,000 Hour Rule?

K Madhavan Pillai

K Madhavan Pillai elaborates upon the the 10,000 hour rule.


The Making of a Powerful Picture

By on in Perspectives

K Madhavan Pillai speaks about how a photograph can capture a sliver of time.


The Art of Viewing a Picture

By on in Perspectives

K Madhavan Pillai questions how we view a picture and how to judge the merits or demerits of a photograph. Find out how to rise beyond the simplistic viewpoints of just good and bad.