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How I Overcame My Indifference Towards Photography…

Conchita Fernandes

This article was originally published in December 2016. One of my most favourite photographs from when I was young, was a picture …

Finding Comfort in the Abandoned

Conchita Fernandes

“My cellphone does not judge who I am. It lets me be who I need to be with myself and gives me the freedom of choosing who I am with others.”


Shades of Belonging

By on in Perspectives

Conchita Fernandes takes you through the photographs of Raj Lalwani, Ashly Stohl, Anurag Banerjee, Sathish Kumar and Sam Harris, who have, in their own way, created intimate visuals of what it means to find oneself through family; to feel unstoppable in the face of adversity; to yearn for a place that was once home, not so long ago; to find home in familiar and unfamiliar places; and finally, what it means to love unconditionally.