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The Klik Speedflash FL60 is an extremely useful flashgun… easy on the pocket, easy to use, and that does it all. K Madhavan Pillai reports.

Flashguns are among the first pieces of equipment to get damaged during a wedding or event photography assignment. Pragmatic event photographers are always looking out for alternatives that are inexpensive, functional, pair well with their cameras and existing flash systems, and that feature the latest technologies. The Klik Speedflash FL60 is one of Photoquip’s newer offerings, and rivals Canon’s Speedlite 600EX II-RT (Canon’s most expensive flashgun, released late 2016). In fact, The FL60 resembles the Speedlite in design, ergonomics and operation. The unit received by us is for Canon cameras. It is also available in Nikon and Sony mounts as well.

The FL60 is quite powerful, with a useful GN of 60 at ISO 100. It is fully compatible with E-TTL and E-TTL II, TTL auto, on and off camera automatic and fully manual operations. It is capable of working as a master or as a slave unit, with an expansive range of manual and auto controls, for wireless shooting. Both radio and optical reception / transmission options are available. With radio, the effective range is up to hundred meters indoors (without obstructions or interference), or about thirty meters outdoors.

It allows first and second curtain, and high speed sync as well. It has Quick Flash capability, where the flash is able to fire off single frames as soon as it is turned on, without compromising exposure, so that you don’t miss a shot. The strobe mode allows a maximum of 100 flashes, depending on the strength and interval, which can be set manually. The flash head zooms from 20mm to 200mm stepless, and this can either be left to automatically match the focal length of your lens (including recognising the sensor size), zooming as you zoom, or it can be manually set. Various settings like flash exposure compensation, synching, and modes can be controlled through the camera. The flash also transmits colour temperature information to compatible cameras.

Included with the flash are some useful accessories—a padded nylon pouch, mini stand, a case of colour filters, and a filter holder.

The flash is sturdy, and well-finished, with all its ports (external power, sync cable, and notably, a tripod socket) covered. A micro USB port within the battery compartment allows firmware updates. There are no telltale creaks from the body or mount, while handling or swivelling the head. The movements are fluid. Zooming is quiet and smooth too.

What I particularly enjoyed was the speedy accuracy of the FL60, allowing me to get easily experimental. In this case, the FL60 was set to +0.7, camera EV at -1, using shutter priority. Exposure: 25sec at f/11 (ISO 200). Photograph/K Madhavan Pillai

I liked the logical implementation of the button layout and controls on the flash, making operations quite simple, even for a first time user. A set of 23 customisation options allow you to set the general behavior of the flash in various modes and situations, including default modes, bracketing auto cancelling, AF assist illumination, and sleep behaviour when the flash is left unused.

The FL60 integrates with Canon’s DSLRs perfectly, with the flash providing a large variety of information. Along with E-TTL, exposure control is excellent. The output is nicely neutral, and the illumination is quite even, with the expected level of falloff.

All thing equal, for professional event photographers, how quickly the flash responds and recycles, how easy it is to work off-camera and with other flashguns is vital. In this, the FL60 does an admirable job, both as a master and slave. It recycles fast (barely about a second after a full power burst). Heat dissipation is good. Photographers will not find heating issues in regular use. On the whole, it performs rather well.

As a performance oriented flashgun, the FL60 is packed with features. It operates well with the latest Canon DSLRs, with a simplicity of operation that users will find refreshing. at Rs. 10,995, it is an inexpensive option. The closest competitor from Canon is the Speedlite 600EX II-RT. It has the advantage of drip and dust resistance, better construction, and a few additional features extended by accessories. But it also costs four times as much. Besides, the brand, Klik, is owned by Photoquip—a company known for after sales service in India, providing photographers with a level of comfortable assurance. All things considered, the Kilk Speedflash FL60, undoubtedly, offers brilliant value.

This article originally appeared in the July 2019 issue of Better Photography.

GN 60, E-TTL II, fully featured master/slave
functionality, 20-200mm stepless zoom
Neutral, even illumination, speedy recycling
times, excellent master / slave performance
Build Quality
Sturdy plastics, well-made, no weathersealing
Logical key placement and menu
Warranty & Support
Two year warranty, many service centres
MRP Rs. 10,995
Who should buy it? Professional wedding, event or external location photographers, who need speed, accuracy, power and control over a multi-flash setup.
Why? Excellent pricing for a powerful, versatile flashgun.
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