Vanguard The Heralder 51T– Photographer’s Thrill of a Four Wheel Drive

Vanguard The Heralder 51T

Vanguard The Heralder 51T

Sakshi Parikh marvels about the urban practicality offered by the Vanguard The Heralder 51T rolling backpack as she takes it around for a test drive.

Optimisation for an elaborate camera gear, accessories or laptops are just a few of the possible categories to focus on when buying a camera backpack. As a photographer, I am constantly in a dilemma regarding which camera bag should be carried for a shoot. Sometimes, I even end up carrying two bags, which is not convenient especially when I am travelling. That’s where Vanguard The Heralder 51T rolling backpack comes to rescue.

What is it All About?

The hefty backpack is constructed of high-quality 1000D polyester, offering a removable large equipment storage tray that can house 1-2 DSLRs, 5-7 lenses, 2 flashes, related accessories, 14-inch laptop and a tripod. It features a telescoping handle and four rolling wheels, which give an ease of movement. The handle is well concealed via a zipped enclosure and features a rubberised handle for extra grip. The wheels raise the bag approximately two inches above the ground, thereby keeping it away from the dirt and liquid. The bag also has an intricate shoulder strap system, multiple zippered compartments with magnetic strips and a rain cover.

How Does it Fare?

I took the bag to a couple of shoots with me and surprised me with the large amount of storage it had to offer. Despite looking like a large bag, its engineered to be lightweight and easy on the shoulder. This bag is an ultimate choice of convenience for the professional photographer who enjoys travelling and working on location.

Product Name Vanguard The Heralder 51T
MRP Rs. 20,990
Max Capacity 16.4kg
Weight 4kg
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