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Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery 4

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery 4

The Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery 4 claims to be fast and easy enough for absolutely anyone, but is it worth its price? Aditya Nair finds out more.

Imagine a scenario where you have gone out for a vacation and shot some great pictures. You come back home and realise that the card has become corrupt or that you have accidentally deleted one of your favourite pictures. As an attempt to find solutions for such a nightmarish scenario, we tested the Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery 4.

Versatility and Performance
This software can recover 65 different video, audio and image formats. It also has the ability to recover PSD files and lets you preview RAW files before you actually recover them, two parameters that are not there in most other data recovery software.
To test the software’s ability to recover fi les, I fi lled the card with 200 images and then formatted the card. This test was done multiple times, once with an in-camera format, and then a quick format and a low level format on the computer. With a low level format, the software was not able to recover any data—something that other paid software are capable of. However, with the other two kinds of formatting, the software retrieved 257 photos! It recovered some RAW fi les that had been shot and deleted before the test too.

Very Fast Indeed
The software took only about 15 minutes to scan an 8GB SDHC card, as opposed to a few other software that take as much as an hour and a half. However, the software does not allow you to halt a scan and resume later. This can be problematic for larger drives. The software does not use too much RAM while scanning which means you can continue other work while it runs in the background. However it is prone to hang for a couple of seconds if you try to change any settings while the scan is on.

Considering all its features, Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery 4 is quite good, but its greatest drawback is its price. At USD 39.99 (approx. Rs. 1800), it is quite expensive. Considering that there are free recovery software that carry out similar functions, Photo Recovery 4 is not a very tempting buy.

Final Ratings
Features 24/30

Ease of Use 27/30

Performance 32/40

Value For Money: 3/5 stars

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