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Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery 6

Aditya Nair checks if Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery 6 fulfills its promise of recovering all your lost images.

There is a YouTube ad of Stellar that shows a couple and their son viewing images of their vacation on a screen. The son selects all the family photos and hits delete, and confirms the same. All the while, the parents do nothing to stop the kid! It’s when they lament later that they can’t afford another vacation, that the father proceeds to try Stellar Phoenix. The incredible stupidity of the ad aside, accidental deletion of images and corrupt files are a bane of any photographer’s existence and there’s where Stellar aims to offer its service.

Made For Everyone
Unlike many, rather intimidating looking recovery tools, Stellar has been designed for simplicity. The user needs to choose a drive that they want to recover data from, scan it, preview files and then recover files.

While it recovers myriad file formats across audio, photo and videos, including RAW formats and PSDs, it doesn’t support 4k video yet.
For file formats not currently supported by Stellar, you can choose to add the header files of the same to the software and proceed to recover the files. There is no limitation as to the size of drive it is scanning. With RAID systems you will need to use the more expensive RAID recovery that costs USD 299 (approx. Rs. 18,000).

The interface of the software is clean and simple. It allows the user to recover images in three easy steps.

The interface of the software is clean and simple. It allows the user to recover images in three easy steps.

And it’s Speedy Too
The company claims that the software is 30% faster. While the recovery process was quite fast, I did notice some lag when trying to select images and video files. A new feature in this version also allows you to pause recovery in the middle and start again later. Once a scan is complete, Stellar can now neatly organise data as per file type making it easier to find a particular file.

With the Platinum version, which is currently USD 10 (approx. Rs. 600) more, you can also recover thumbnails of images, which may be useful in cases of heavily corrupt files. I am not sure if that will really help in any way or just serve as a painful reminder of what you have lost.
The company offers 24hour online support, five days a week, who when I tested, were quite helpful even at 3.30am.

Should You Buy It?
There is no doubt that Photo Recovery 6 is a fantastic tool. It’s fast, easy to use and does a great job. The only problem is that there are a lot of free software that are equally capable like Recuva and PhotoRec. The question you need to ask yourself is whether you are fine with paying USD 39 (approx. Rs. 2400) for simplicity and 24hour support.

Final Ratings:

Features: 25/30

Ease of Use: 28/30

Performance: 36/40

Overall Rating: 89%

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