Sirui T-005X: A Little Here and There


Though the Sirui T-005X Aluminium Tripod (with C-10 Ball Head) is made of aluminium, its construction does not inspire much confidence, as Raj Lalwani finds out.

Sirui T-005X Aluminium Tripod with C-10 Ball Head

Sirui T-005X Aluminium Tripod with C-10 Ball Head

The Sirui T-005X Aluminum Tripod with C-10 Ball Head is an extremely lightweight tripod. With legs that fold up 180º, the tripod does become really compact when you are storing it, thus making it a potential good choice for travel photographers. The centre column is removable, thus also appealing to photographers who wish to make a lot of low-angle shots.

It is easy to set up the tripod quickly, but the tripod seems to have compromised sturdiness to give some extra convenience. The twist locks on each leg extension, though easy to operate, can come off inadvertently, if you are in a hurry.

With a maximum load capacity of 4kg, the tripod claims to be ideal for compact and mirrorless cameras and “capable of holding” DSLR cameras with most lenses.That said, though I tried to mount a Nikon D750 and Canon EOS 6D (not the heaviest DSLRs around, and certainly lesser than its load capacity), the overall structure seemed rather flimsy. This is especially true, when you try to raise the tripod to its maximum height, since the bottom extension of its legs is a little too thin.

The ball head itself, included with the tripod we tested, seems quite capable. It has separate knobs for pan and tilt adjustments and is quite smooth in operation.

The Sirui T-005X seems impressive on paper, but in its actual operation, I wouldn’t want to use it with a DSLR, at least. There are tripods available for lesser, with far better build quality and solidity. The low-angle capability is its big strength though, so go for it only if you use a mirrorless camera and wish to do a lot of ground-level perspective shots..


• Product Name: Sirui T-005X Aluminium Tripod with C-10 Ball Head
• MRP: Rs. 8500
• Load Capacity: 4kg
• Max Height: 139.1cm
• Max Height without column extended: 121.3cm
• Min Height: 26cm
• Retracted Height: 48cm
• Folded Length: 30cm
• Weight: 1kg

Product source: Foto Centre Trading Private Limited, Mumbai; Tel: +91-22-22700909

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