Sirui N-3004X Aluminum Tripod: Two-In-One Excellence

Sirui N-3004X Aluminum Tripod

Sirui N-3004X Aluminum Tripod

Supriya Joshi uncovers the practical uses of the multipurpose tripod, the Sirui N-3004X.

The Sirui N-3004X is a compact tripod, but it offers a lot for its size. To begin with, the tripod weighs 2.3kg, but it can take up a load of up to 18kg, including whichever head you choose to fit on it. The best part about the tripod, however, is that is also converts into a monopod. One of the legs is detachable, which transforms into a monopod when you unscrew it from the chassis and attach the mounting plate to it. That’s a two-in-one deal right there.

The manufacturer certainly had ergonomics in mind when they designed this tripod, as they have given comfort and easy portability precedence. One of the examples in this is that the legs fold up against the tripod rather than what is seen in conventional tripods, which is a great space saver.

If you are a lover of close-up photography, the N-3004X can also come down to the height of 6.1 inches. Plus, the centre column is reversible, so you can get really close to the subject. Another feature of the tripod is that it has stainless steel spikes on the base of the legs, which are greatly useful when shooting on surfaces like gravel and grassy terrain.

The tripod is priced at Rs. 28,600 and is a great value for photographers looking for a tripod with multiple uses.



Rating: 4/5


PRODUCT NAME Sirui N-3004X Aluminum Tripod
PRICE Rs. 28,600
WEIGHT 2.3kg
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