Sirui N-2204X Carbon Fiber Tripod: Dependable and Sturdy

Sirui N-2204X

Sirui N-2204X

Natasha Desai discovers how unshakable the carbon fiber strength of the Sirui N-2204X is.

The Sirui N-220X tripod is extremely light to carry. Staying true to its carbon fiber construction, travelling photographers will find this to be a handy addition to their kit. The tripod comes in a padded bag that is pleasantly light.

It comes with a load capacity of 15kg, which is good for larger DSLRs and heavy telephoto lenses. The tripod is constructed of eight layers of carbon fiber making the overall build extremely sturdy. For additional balance, there is a tripod hook for a weight bag. The split-center column is effective and ideal for low angle photographs.

When fully extended, the legs are sturdy and come with a three position angle lock, ensuring that there is no movement. The bottommost leg sections have markings on them. The legs extend quickly and the feet of the tripod have retractable steel spikes that are handy when shooting outdoors.

When transporting, the legs fold up to 180° with the ball head intact. I found this especially useful as I could quickly pack the tripod up without have to fiddle for too long.

Yet another feature of the Sirui N-220X is that one of the legs unscrews to convert into a monopod. In addition, the center column can be attached to it with the ball head for more height.

The K-20X ball head that came with the tripod has three adjustment knobs on it. The ball head lets you rotate the camera 360° on the tripod and the pan and tilt motion of the ball head is very smooth. The locking system keeps the camera firmly in position and comes with markings on it.

Overall, my experience with the tripod was very good. It inspires confidence and is packed with features and convenience and is a good buy at its price point at Rs. 42,850.

Product Name Sirui N-2204X Carbon Fiber Tripod
MRP Rs. 42,850
Load Capacity 15kg
Max Height 162.5cm
Max Height without column extended 136cm
Min Height 14.5cm
Retracted Height 54cm
Folded Length 47cm
Weight 1.5kg


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