Samsung WB150F: Share Your World

Samsung WB150F

Samsung WB150F

Camera manufacturers are slowly moving towards making image sharingan easier experience. Supriya Joshi finds how the Samsung WB150F fares.

With WiFi taking prominence in every new gadget, Samsung has tried to combine this technology with superzoom functionality in the new WB150F. But how does it fare in terms of overall handling and image quality? Let us find out.

Introduced during CES 2012, the WB150F is a 14.2MP camera with 18x zoom (24–432mm equivalent), a Manual mode and 720p HD video. The USP of this camera is, of course, the inbuilt WiFi technology. An entire mode is dedicated to the several functions that WiFi connectivity allows.

For someone who enjoys uploading and sharing their images, I was quite pleased with the camera’s wireless capabilities. Apart from uploading images on social networking websites, one can also send pictures via email right from the camera, without logging on to their email account. The camera first resizes the image to 2MP and then sends it, which is definitely easier on the receiver’s inbox load.
Another feature is the Remote Viewfinder, which lets you trigger the shutter straight from your Android phone. The Mobile Link and Cloud modes let you save images on Samsung’s cloud service. Additionally, one can upload images and videos directly to Facebook, Picasa, YouTube and Photobucket. The exclusion of Twitter and Flickr is disappointing. A 4,60,000 pixel LCD, in-camera panorama and several fun photo filters round up the feature set of this camera.

While compact in size, the WB150F is not lightweight. The front of the camera features a smooth grip on the right while the back has a textured thumb grip. If you are used to holding a camera with both hands, the area surrounding the lens is textured, which offers additional grip.

The camera’s menu system is succinct and simple. However, I found that navigating between the menus as well as modes involved a noticeable lag, which was a little frustrating when I needed to switch between features immediately. The flash recharge time of about one second could also be better.

The WB150F’s zoom range is impressive for a camera at this price range. At 24mm, the wide angle capability is respectable, but there is visible barrel distortion, which reduces by the time you reach 40mm.

The focusing is generally accurate, though it does have a tendency to miss focus at the telephoto end. The camera is able to reproduce colours quite faithfully, irrespective of the lighting situation.

Chromatic aberration is well controlled and the images recorded are sharp. The WB150F produces good results at lower ISOs, but the quality starts dropping beyond ISO 400, and above ISO 800, becomes quite unpleasant. The WB150F has good video capabilities, and one has full control over white balance, exposure compensation, frame rate, zoom and metering while recording.

To put it simply, this camera is feature heavy. From fun filters to wireless sharing, this camera pretty much does it all, at a very economical rate of Rs. 12,900. Full HD video recording would have been appreciated, as this feature is found in most compact cameras of this price tag. Additionally, if camera manufacturers today incorporate web browsing as well, the photographic experience will certainly be complete.

Having said that, this camera is definitely exhibiting signs of the kind of technology we can expect in the near future. For those who are looking for wireless connectivity from a competent stills-video package at a pocket-friendly price, the WB150F is definitely a strong contender.

The Fish-eye mode recreates the optical effect quite well and also adds a black border. Exposure: 1/30sec at f/3.2 (ISO 120). Photograph/Supriya Joshi

The Fish-eye mode recreates the optical effect quite well and also adds a black border. Exposure: 1/30sec at f/3.2 (ISO 120). Photograph/Supriya Joshi

Final Ratings
In-built WiFi, 18x zoom, several modes

Faithful colour reproduction, good optics

Build Quality
Metal body, not lightweight

Texturised grip, lag while navigating menus

Warranty & Support
Two-year warranty, 75 service centres

Value For Money: 3.5/5 stars

Who Should Buy It?
A social media enthusiast who wants a competent multipurpose camera..

Finally, here is a camera that lets you to share your images as soon as you shoot them. The implementation of WiFi is also smoother than others who claim to do the same.

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