SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive: A Much Needed Expanse


How useful is the Sandisk iXpand Flash Drive? Natasha Desai investigates.

SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive

SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive

For the most part, I am extremely happy being an Apple user. The only major caveat of the device is its lack of expandable space that makes me envious of Android. And even if one wants to buy a phone with more storage, you end up emptying your pockets. And, it is in this existential dilemma where the iXpand comes into use. Available upto 128GB in storage, the second generation iXpand from Sandisk is a major improvement over the first, which was bulkier because it had its own battery. This one is a sleeker version which draws from the phone’s battery and has a tonne of functionality packed into it. Via the Sandisk iXpand app, you can shoot images and videos which get stored directly onto the device,. While shooting images, I had no issue with the device being plugged into the phone as it is small enough to be pretty unobtrusive, unlike the first iteration of the device. You can even have the app back up images from your camera roll automatically when you plug it in to your phone or iPad. Interestingly, you can even back up images from your social media accounts. With USB 3.0, transfer speeds are fast. Even if you fill up the device with files, viewing images or watching videos do not take long to navigate through.

While the functionality and usability of this phone is undeniably excellent, the price may make someone think twice. Although it is far cheaper than having to upgrade to a phone with more storage.

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