Polaroid Zip: New Age Nostalgia

Polaroid Zip Printer

Polaroid Zip Printer

Raj Lalwani chuckles at the ironies of the addictive Polaroid Zip printer.

The Polaroid Zip is an instant printer that uses ZINK, or Zero Ink technology, which basically implies cartridge-less printing. This not only makes the printer a lot smaller in size—the Zip easily fits within your jeans—but also makes it relatively hassle-free to maintain as there are no inks to bother replenishing, order for new papers and you are done. I was pleasantly surprised by this iOS/Android-capable Zip. Such printers have long been considered great for casual use, expensive toys, some may call them, but while the Zip is no print quality magician (it is not meant to be), it can actually be used as a very serious photographic tool, especially with those who wish to use the print as a means towards an end goal, an inexpensive photo diary, or even, a visual letter.

The quality is quite nice, superior to the similar LG pocket printer in the market, and with a different, far more refined and sharper (but with less pop) feel than the Instax cameras. The prints are edge-to-edge with sticky backs, so there is no faux retro charm, but an app can do that for you in seconds. Printing is fast (a minute or so), charging, convenient, and most crucially, with a pack of 30 sheets costing Rs. 1500, is not too expensive, for a trip or any pre-planned photographic use.

Print Size 2×3 inch
Battery 500mAh
Dimension 119 x
73.6 x 22.8 mm
Weight 186g
MRP Rs. 12,399
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