Polaroid Cube: Rolling the Video Dice


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Raj Lalwani tests the inexpensive and fun Polaroid Cube, to see how it performs on field.

The Polaroid Cube looks like a toy, and that is probably the best compliment I can give it. I spent a few days, attracting curious stares as I wore it like an amulet, creepy in public spaces, perhaps, but an interesting way to capture fun street
shots in crowded trains and markets.

Its looks aside, this is another aspiring action camera, which is shockproof, and is compatible with a bunch of mounts and waterproof casing, which have to be bought separately. The camera is very easy to operate and the magnetic capability, great fun. I wish the magnet was stronger… you must still take basic precautions and avoid precarious surfaces.

The 6MP stills are of decent quality but the video quality is disappointing. With a bit rate of a mere 8MB/sec, the detail in scenes with texture or foliage is mushy. That apart, there is also some lag and stutter that one sees, from time to time. The 720p video does not suffer from as many problems in terms of the smoothness of the footage, and is acceptably nice.

The Cube is a fun gadget because of its convenience and looks, but the quality isn’t the best in a now-crowded action camera market. If all-round fun scores for you over critical quality, you may want to look at it.

Angle of View 124°
Video Full HD
Stills 6MP
Weight  9g
 Dimensions  35 x 35 x 35 mm
MRP Rs. 9990
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