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Supriya Joshi takes a look at the MediaPix app to see if it can potentially benefit photographers.

The internet, and social media specifically, have drastically changed the way we see, store and share photographs. The evolution of photo sharing has been astounding, more so in the context of wedding photography. These days, an increasing amount of newly wed couples prefer sharing their photographs on their social media pages rather than wait for a physical album.

Keeping this trend in consideration, Brown Box Imaging, a Mumbai-based startup, has launched an app called MediaPix for Android and iOS devices, which allows users to view and share licensed media books with friends, family and clients.

Made for Sharing
Before a book can be viewed, it must first be created. The media books can contain all the multimedia elements from a single event. This includes slideshows, photographs and video as well. While the app itself is free to download, each media book is offered in two types of packages—M-Book LITE (Rs. 2500) and M-Book (Rs. 5000), where the former consists of only stills, and the latter consists of stills, video, audio, text and web links. These prices are exclusive of design charges, which cost an additional sum and require you to share your photos and videos with the designers at Brown Box. Alternatively, you can also create your own album designs, based on templates.

The album displays in full-screen and looks really good on a larger device like an iPad.

The album displays
in full-screen and looks
really good on a larger
device like an iPad.

A Unique Portfolio
A Table of Contents page at the beginning leads you to the various stories within the media book. Moreover, each media book can further be shared with up to 999 devices. You can also control the amount of devices you share content with, thus ensuring exclusivity and copyright protection.

I had a chance to visit MediaPix’s office to see how an album comes to life, and it is quite an interesting process. I liked the slideshow feature. In weddings, there are many similar photos of the same scene that need to be shot. With the slideshow function, similar moments are clubbed together.

The Future of Album Making?
Google Photos also allows you to create and share albums online, albeit using cloud storage. It is not as nuanced as MediaPix, and requires internet connectivity every time you view them. MediaPix has a few drawbacks—the album sizes are huge, and if your device is low on memory, you won’t be able to download them. Secondly, this service is not available for desktops yet, and hence loses out on a good amount of customers who prefer looking at images on their computers. On the whole, it can be a unique selling point for wedding photographers for their potential clients. It can prove quite a valuable asset.

SPECIFICATIONS Apple iPad 2, iPhone 5 and above, Android 4.2 and later
WHAT WE LIKE The all-inclusive presentation of multimedia from any event
WHAT WE DISLIKE Huge file sizes, not available for desktops
WHY BUY IT It could be a potential game changer in album making

FEATURES  Unique multimedia albums, can share with 999 people  20/25 
PERFORMANCE  Prompt and quick to launch  26/30
EASE OF USE  Simple interface, easy to understand  31/35
SPEED & RESPONSIVENESS Quick and instant  9/10


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