Lowepro Nova Mini AW: A Matter of Convenience

Lowepro Nova Mini AW

Lowepro Nova Mini AW

A tiny bag, this is a handy option for those who prefer to carry minimal equipment.

Photographers who prefer to travel light will appreciate the Lowepro Nova Mini AW camera bag. It is incredibly tiny—a far cry from the large backpacks that most of us often carry, but extremely useful for those who carry minimal equipment. The Nova Mini AW is supposed to accommodate one medium sized DSLR (like the Nikon D90 or Canon EOS 50D) with a basic kit lens attached. However, we realised that we could also accommodate a larger DSLR like the Nikon D700 (with a medium-sized Nikkor 18–35mm lens attached) simply by removing the adjustable dividers of the bag. The additional compartments of the bag allow you to pack in a battery charger, memory cards and also include a small lens like a normal 50mm lens. The Nova Mini AW is a fine tool for photographers who wish to access their camera quickly. It is top-loading, and its zipper and quick-release buckle ensure that the camera can be removed in an instant. The bag also has a belt loop for those who wish to use the bag as a waist pouch. We took the bag on a long trip to Goa, and despite the incessant rains, the Nova Mini AW did an excellent job of storing the equipment. It has a rain cover that is identical to the one used in other Lowepro bags, and does a great job of keeping the camera dry. As long as you do not wish to carry too much equipment around, the Nova Mini AW is an ergonomic delight. It is highly recommended for any photographer who wants a bag that is light, secure and discreet.

Rating: 4/5 Stars

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