Manfrotto MT190XPRO3: The Do-It-All Tripod

Manfrotto MT190XPRO3

Manfrotto MT190XPRO3

Innovative, yet ergonomic, the Manfrotto MT190XPRO3 seems like a promising deal. Supriya Joshi tests the tripod to see if it passes muster.

Manfrotto’s 190 series tripods are the compact versions of the 055 Pro series. The 190XPRo3 is a fairly new offering from the company, and it contains some very interesting features. I spent some time with the tripod to see if it is the ideal companion for me. Here are my observations.

A Wide Range of Possibilities
One of the main features of the XPRO3 is the 90° centre column mechanism, which allows it to be extended vertically as normal, or horizontally. Moreover, switching between vertical and horizontal orientation does not requrie any disassembly, which I really liked. I felt like this is a very useful feature, as it does the job of an additional lateral arm attachment, at no extra cost.

Quick to Lock
The Quick Power Lock (QPL) clip fasteners on each leg section were a breeze to use. Basically, from the folded position, the sections of each leg of the tripod can be released in a single movement and it locks into place very easily. The bubble level is accurate as well.

Not So Lightweight
The tripod folds down to 59cm, but weighs in at 2kg, so it is definitely not the best choice for photographers who want to travel long distances on foot. It is sturdy and reliable in various conditions.

The XPRO3 costs Rs. 13,534 (without the head) and I do feel this is a good investment, specially because of the central column. If you are certain you do not require the feature, you may want to consider other options. But for this price point, this is as good as it gets.

Final Ratings
90-degree central column, Quick Power Lock

Central column changes orientation

Build Quality
Made with aluminium

Central column changes orientation without disassembly, low on portability, sturdy

Warranty & Support
Limited service back up


MRP Rs.13,534 (without the head)

Value for Money

Who should buy it?
Photographers who are on the look out for a sturdy tripod with innovative features.

The tripod is quite sturdy, but with limited portability. Newbie tripod users will enjoy its ease of use and its unique features.

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