Seculine Zigview S2: A Lease of Life




Seculine Zigview S2

Seculine Zigview S2


This device not only works as a viewfinder, but also offers some innovative features.

The Seculine Zigview S2 is a tiny video camera that fits on to a camera’s optical viewfinder and transmits its data to a small LCD. Since this LCD can be tilted and swivelled into various directions, the Zigview S2 is a useful viewing device that can be adjusted to take photographs from unique angles. The prime difference between the Zigview S2 and a regular right-angle viewfinder is the amount you can adjust it—the Zigview is a lot more flexible and can be adjusted in almost every direction, thus allowing you to capture images from overhead, waist level or ground level. Also, while a right-angle viewfinder offers more clarity, it needs to be kept to your eye at all times. The Zigview S2, on the other hand, is an LCD that you can view from afar. The unit is well built, but considering the amount of time it takes to adjust its settings, one may feel insecure to carry it in a crowded area where you need to finish the job faster.The LCD only has a moderate resolution—it is comparable to electronic viewfinders of compact cameras in terms of clarity. Also,it becomes quite grainy while shooting in low light. In addition to viewing convenience, the Zigview S2 can also be used as a cable release to shoot long exposures. It also has a motion sensor that automatically shoots when the amount of light in a scene changes. Moreover, it can also be scheduled to trigger the shutter at specified intervals, similar to the Interval Timer function available in some high-end DSLRs. This allows you to shoot time-lapse videos and spy shots, even if your camera does not support this feature.

Rating: 3/5 Stars

Product source: Kalabhai KarsonPvt Ltd, Mumbai+91 22 25774058 /25774059 / 25781823

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