Intel Xolo X1000: If Speed is Your Thing

Intel Xolo-X1000

Intel Xolo-X1000

Have you ever seen a phone that shoots at 15fps? Raj Lalwani puts the Intel Xolo X1000 on the photographic test bench.

The Intel Xolo X1000 is designed to make jaws drop. Not only is it a stunning looker, it also boasts of some of the most high-end specifications seen in a premium cellphone. Intel themselves have been highlighting its 2GHz processor, and this processor gives the phone’s camera some interesting photographic powers.

So Quick!
This is a cameraphone in a hurry. It fires away at not 5, not 10, but 15fps! That is insane, considering that most compact cameras and DSLRs cannot touch these speeds. Sure, the phone pauses for a brief while, but it gets ready for the next shot soon enough. I was a little disappointed to see that it runs on Ice Cream Sandwich and not Jellybean. Jellybean allows cellphones to shoot continuously without pausing and an OS update may reduce or even remove the slight lag that happens while writing the images shot during the burst.

A Good Lens, But…
The smart design extends to the optics. The lens controls flare very well. One thing that severaly affects image quality though, is the stunted dynamic range. As compared to other phones at this price range, the X1000’s metering consistently tends to overexpose and the highlights get blown out easily.

While the screen is HD, strangely, it is a little unsharp while using the default Camera module, almost as if focus has not been acquired. I am nitpicking, but considering how good the screen is otherwise, this was a disappointment. The X1000 is a very nice phone, no doubt. Burst mode apart, I will not recommend this cellphone to photo enthusiasts. There are phones that deliver better image quality at lower price points.

The lens is reasonably sharp, but the phone gives good results only in soft, non-contrasty light. Photographer/Raj Lalwani

The lens is reasonably sharp, but the phone gives good results only in soft, non-contrasty light. Photographer/Raj Lalwani

At A Glance
8MP, LED flash, Android ICS 4.0, 4.7-inch 720p HD screen, 2GHz singlecore processor, 8GB storage (expandable), 1900mAh battery, Rs. 19,990

What We Like
It is extremely fast and the lens performs well

What We Dislike
Though HD, the screen in the Camera mode is not as sharp

Why Buy It?
This is an excellent phone with a decent camera with some great features. But purely for photography, there are better cameraphones at this price.

Final Ratings
Android ICS, 15fps, 720p screen

Image Quality
Blown out highlights, good control over flare

Video Quality
Excellent quality, even in low light

Great design, screen not as sharp in the Camera module

Speed and Responsiveness
Extremely fast, but no Jellybean capabilities


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