HTC Desire 828: A Little More Left to Desire


htc Desire 828

The HTC is known for its good build and quality. Conchita Fernandes finds out whether the Desire 828 lives up to the legacy.

Today, cameraphones are all about offering more for less. It’s only fair, considering the number of Chinese manufacturers who are offering consumers great specs at affordable prices. HTC’s entry on the ‘affordable’ segment comes with the Desire series, which falls below the Rs. 20,000 range. I was curious to find out what its latest iteration, the Desire 828, had to offer.

What’s in the Phone
The Desire 828 is the first device in the series’ lineup to feature OIS. Other features include a 13MP rear camera and a 4MP ultrapixel front camera with a 26mm wide angle lens. The phone also comes with a Manual Mode, which lets you adjust White Balance, ISO, exposure and focus.

On the image quality front, the Desire produced good photographs, with the occasional blown out highlights when it was too sunny. The colours seemed a little oversaturated, especially the reds and pinks. However, when the lighting conditions were optimal and not too harsh, I found that the camera was able to produce good pictures. On the other hand, the image quality in low light was decent, although there was visible noise and smearing, it gave me usable photographs at up to ISO 400.


One of the things that I really liked about the HTC Desire was how quick its AF responded, irrespective of the lighting conditions. Photograph/Conchita Fernandes

Almost Perfect, But…
Priced at Rs. 19,990, HTC has tried to pack the phone with as many features as it possibly could. Yet, what the device misses the most is RAW shooting, which a lot of phones in this price range have. Also, considering the ultrapixel front camera, HTC could have added a flash beside it too. It seems like the company placed all its bets on its OIS feature, but frankly, I barely felt any difference while shooting. Although it’s an otherwise a good phone, it’s a little pricey and does not offer quite as much for its price range.

SPECIFICATIONS 13MP, Ultrapixel f/2 front camera, 5.5-inch display, 1.6GHz quadcore processor, 2GB RAM, 16GB storage (expandable up to 2TB), Rs. 19,990.
WHAT WE LIKE Highly responsive AF, good UI, Manual Mode.
WHAT WE DISLIKE Oversaturated colours, no RAW.
WHY BUY IT The camera performance is quite good, and although it lacks RAW, the Manual Mode gives users additional control over their photographs.
CAMERA FEATURES 13MP, Ultrapixel front camera, OIS  22/25 
IMAGE QUALITY  Good performance in optimal lighting, decent in low light  26/30
VIDEO QUALITY Good quality Full HD video  12/15
HANDLING  Lightweight  13/15
SPEED & RESPONSIVENESS Highly responsive and makes photos quickly  13/15
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