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Professional event photographers or videographers are always worried about their gear, especially the batteries and chargers. Firstly, they need to be dependable to do the job. Secondly, they need to last for a while (at least for a year of daily use) because they can be quite expensive. And finally, easy enough to maintain so that one does not have to think about it.

Kamlesh Dadarkar

Kamlesh Dadarkar is a Mumbai-based photographer, video producer, and educationist. He is frequently assigned to document corporate events. He began his career as a bio-medical photographer, and has worked with various medical instituitions for over two decades.

A Pleasant Surprise

My first introduction to the F-980 battery was over eight months ago. I was on the lookout for a reliable spare battery for my Sony video cameras, and it was recommended to me by an acquaintance. Since most of my assignments require making video recordings of long-drawn events—sometimes even continuously—I need to keep extra batteries at hand. At the time, however, I didn’t pay much heed to the recommendation. I was unconvinced about experimenting with products that did not belong to my camera’s company. But when I learnt that the Digitek Platinum F-980 was one third the price of the original Sony battery, I decided to try it out. And I must say that I was quite surprised.

Not only did it give me the enough charge to record for a minimum of 7 hours, at the very least (that is about a day’s worth of hard shooting), this battery has given me consistent performance over the past several months, without any drop in either performance or shooting time.

The real test of the battery was when I accidentally forgot to carry my original Sony battery for an important assignment. Realizing that I had no alternative but to make do with the Digitek Platinum F-980 for the entire day, I said my prayers and set to work. This is never a good situation to be in. In fact, I consciously decided not to check the battery indicator, and concentrate on my work.

During a short break, halfway through the event, I finally dared to check the power. I was very impressed to note that more than half of its energy remained. The rest of the day went smoothly for me, and I was able to sign off from my assignment, content with my work.


When one is faced with a situation like this, a reliable product makes all the difference between failure and success. This is when I truly began appreciating both the brand Digitek, and particularly the F-980 battery. Since that incident, The Digitek Platinum Extra Power Li-ion F- 980 battery has given me consistent performance over the past several months. I couldn’t possibly be more content with the brand. The Digitek Travel Charger is easy to pack, reliable, and highly efficient in every sense of the word. I have invested in several of batteries from Digitek. I use them all quite heavily, throughout the day, for my portable LED lights as well.

At one point, when I notified Digitek that one of the several batteries had malfunctioned after four months of daily use, I was very pleased when the company replaced the product, and they did it without delay. It showed Digitek’s commitment to its customers. This sort of diligence is both remarkable, and extremely important for a professional photographer or videographer. And because of all this, Digitek has my trust.

A Loyal Companion

Since nearly all of my assignments demand making video recordings of seemingly endless conferences and corporate events. I always require an array of batteries and chargers at hand. I realised early in my career that the right charger is extremely important to the longevity of a battery.

I opted for the Digitek Travel Charger DUC-006, because it was small, lightweight, reasonably priced and had excellent safety features. For the first few weeks of use, I monitored the charging process carefully, to ensure that my batteries were well maintained by the charger. The charging dock’s auto-cut facility ensures that it doesn’t damage the device or the battery if it’s plugged in for longer than necessary. Since then, not once have I had to fret over its performance.


Now, as long as I wake up in the morning to find that my battery is completely charged, I have nothing to worry about. The fact that it is specifically designed for someone who is always on the go makes things extremely convenient. What’s even better is that the unit can be plugged into practically any outlet, may it be 100V or 220V.

With all the camera apparatus in my possession, and plenty of assignments on my plate, I rarely pay heed to which company’s battery I’m using the Digitek Travel Charger with. It is essentially always in use, and its performance hasn’t altered in the slightest. I couldn’t possibly be more content with the brand. I can go about my work without battery issues bogging me down.

This advertorial appeared in the October 2017 issue of Better Photography magazine. 

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