DigiTek DFL 999T Pro


Dr. Vishal Kabre is a Dentist practicing in Mumbai. He is a professional wedding photographer who also shoots music videos and model portfolios. He has been a mentor for Pixean photography since 2016.

Well-designed and robust, the DigiTek DFL 999T Pro has a head that rotates smoothly and buttons that trigger actions swiftly. The flash works on four AA batteries (for the purpose of this review I used eneloop pro 2500 mAH). It also has a 2.4G trigger which requires two AA batteries to function.

Both the flash and trigger have backlit LCD displays which makes it convenient to work with. The flash boasts of a GN of 60 (meter) at ISO 100 which is quite adequate for most genres of photography. Its recharge time of 1.5 seconds was consistent whenever I used it on full power. The flash fit securely on both Canon as well as Nikon cameras.

Furthermore, I found it comfortable to carry the flash in my pocket when not using it. This is a considerable advantage for photographers who like to be on the go.

Once a connection was established between the flash gun and the trigger, a green light blinks on the latter device to indicate that it is good to go. I found that it fires the flash with perfect regularity without missing any shots. It has a very quick recharge time.

Functions like flash exposure compensation, flash exposure bracketing and multiple flash burst worked smoothly and helped achieve desired results. The flash has HSS and zoom from 18mm to 180mm which is great for a device with its price tag. I have experimented using the flash as a master and on wireless trigger mode on both Canon and Nikon cameras. I used the flash in the manual as well as TTL mode. On TTL mode the results were very impressive and consistent even with metering mode changes. (Between spot and evaluative) and flash exposure compensation changes.

Considering that flashes are becoming indispensable for every photographer and that more and more people want to experiment with light creatively, the DFL 999T Pro is a great investment for anyone seeking an economical flashgun.