Adobe Photoshop Touch: Touch And Go!

Layers allow you to make image composites, like this one that was edited within the phone! Photograph/Aditya Nair

Layers allow you to make image composites, like this one that was edited within the phone! Photograph/Aditya Nair

Aditya Nair reviews Adobe Photoshop Touch to see if it lives up to the Photoshop name.

Having always been a Photoshop fan ever since I first used the software, I was really looking forward to the release of this app. Photoshop Touch does a remarkable job optimising a small cellphone screen for more complex editing.

Non-Destructive Editing on the Phone!
The inclusion of Layers and Blending Modes makes this software a no brainer for me to recommend. The image quality produced by Touch is easily the best as far as cellphone apps go. It has most of the basic image adjustment tools and some advanced features like Shadow/ Highlights, Clone Stamp, Levels and Curves. One feature it lacked was an easy way to straighten an image. Also, the Noise Reduction option is poor.

Against the Competition
Photoshop Touch beats competing apps like Snapseed, in terms of image quality. Snapseed does have a lot more features and fun effects though, which cellphone enthusiasts may enjoy a little more, considering the casual nature of most images that one shoots through the phone. On the other hand, Adobe Photoshop Touch offers a whole range of features for making selections. It also allows you to save up to 12MP photographs, which is more than Snapseed’s limit.

Additionally, Photoshop is processor intensive. On a high-end phone like the HTC One X, it works like a charm, but it still takes longer to save the final JPEG, as compared to the competition. On a low-end Android phone, Touch would be a little slower.

But It’s Not Free
Photoshop Touch is an excellent app, but unlike the competition, it is not free. If you don’t need Layers and Blending Modes, then you can manage quite easily with something like Snapseed or even the more basic Aviary. Of course, the question is… if you do need these features, shouldn’t you just use Photoshop on your computer instead? But I personally believe that the whole idea of cellphone photography is in shooting and fine tuning the picture within the phone itself, and that is where Photoshop Touch takes the crown.

At a Glance

Android: Needs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or higher; iOS: iOS 5 or higher, iPhone 4S or higher

What we Like
Layers, Blending Modes, Advanced Editing and Selection Tools

What we Dislike
Lack of Layer Masks, Poor Noise Reduction

Why Buy It?
Best possible image quality as of now, Pro Features

Final Ratings:

Separate tablet version too, high-res editing, no masking, no effects

Excellent image quality, poor noise reduction

Ease Of Use
Intuitive interface

Speed & Responsiveness
Processor intensive, not as fast as competition


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