A Venerable Jury


Here is the esteemed jury of Better Photography Photographer of the Year 2012!

Portraiture: Faces

Arko Datta
is an award-winning photojournalist. He won the World Press Award in 2005 for an image he made while covering the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004.




Faces_Milind Ketkar_renowned wedding photographer1Milind Ketkar
is a celebrated wedding photographer. His shooting style pays emphasis on human emotions.



Still Life: Spaces & Things From Home

Still Life_Jeroo Mulla_educationalist and photography mentor to several students2Jeroo Mulla
is the former head of the Social Media Communications department of Sophia Polytechnic, Mumbai. She has been a photography mentor for several years.



Still Life_Nrupen Madhvani_renowned photographer2Nrupen Madhvani
is a renowned commercial photographer. He has received several national and international awards.



Macro: Our Tiny Unseen World

Macro_Hari Mahidhar_famous art photographer and teacher3

Hari Mahidhar
is an advertising photographer for over three decades. He also enjoys shooting landscapes and making visual archives of places that interest him.



Macro_Kedar Bhat_multi-genre photographer3Kedar Bhat
is a multi-genre photographer. He has been associated with several publications and newspapers.



Landscapes: Form, Shape, Colour

Landscape_Soumitra Pendse_commercial photographer4 Soumitra Pendse
is one of the biggest names in food photography in the country. He also enjoys exploring various other genres including landscapes and architecture.



Landscape_Aspi Patel_renowned photographer4Aspi Patel
is an ardent photography enthusiast. He has won several awards for his excellence in the field of photography.



Street: People At Their Workplaces

Street_Soumitro Ghosh_photo editor of DNA5Soumitro Ghosh
is the current Photo Editor of Daily News & Analysis newspaper and is based in Mumbai. In his own words, he simply ‘loves to see’.



Street_Amit Ashar_renowned commercial photographer5Amit Ashar
is a commercial photographer whose personal work always steers away from the commercial and cliché.



Wildlife: Animals & Their Habitat

SONY DSCSantanu Nandy
is the founding partner of Saevus magazine. He is passionate about wildlife conservation and photographing India’s fauna.



Wildlife_Sunjoy Monga_conservationist, photographer, and naturalist6Sunjoy Monga
is a conservationist, photographer, and naturalist. He has authored several books about wildlife as well.



Photoessay: A Different Kind of Family Album

Family Album_Sudharak Olwe_photojournalist7Sudharak Olwe
is a documentary photographer and a photojournalist based in Mumbai. His work has been exhibited all over the world.



Family Album_Ketaki Sheth_renowned photographer7Ketaki Sheth
is a celebrated photographer. She has resisted digital photography and continues to work with silver gelatin prints.



Photoessay: Cell Phone Diaries

Cellphone_Shantanu Sheorey_commercial photographer and Head of The One School Goa8Shantanu Sheorey
has been an advertising photographer and film maker for the past thirty years. He is also the Head of The One School, Goa.



Cellphone_Sephi Bergerson_photographer and cell phone photography enthusiast8Sephi Bergerson
is a documentary photographer. He also conducts some very sought after photography workshops.




Our Final Face-off Judge:
David Zimmerman
Every year, our final judge has been amongst the most illustrious names in the world of photography. This year, we were honoured to have David Zimmerman judge the face-off images and decide the winner. For the past two decades, David has consistently pursued endangered landscapes and cultures displaced by environmental, social, economic and political causes. His work has won numerous awards and is exhibited internationally. He is fond of India and its people, and has been a frequent visitor over the last 20 years.

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