India’s Biggest Photography Awards


The Better Photography Photographer of the Year Awards are back for the eighth time, in the hunt for the best photography talent in the country.

The Better Photography Photographer of the Year awards are undoubtedly one of the biggest platforms for emerging photographers. The eighth edition of the competition saw a record 78,425 entries. This year, the stakes were high… the winners got to participate in a face-off in Kenya!

Eight Challenging Themes
The awards featured eight unique themes, and for the first time, we included a theme where the images were made using cell phones! Let’s take a look at POY 2012’s journey.

Did You Know?

  •  POY began its journey with around 7000 entries in 2005.
  •  The Wildlife: Animals & Their Habitat category was the most popular, with 15,803 entries this year.
  • Participants came from varied backgrounds, from army officers, to wedding photographers, social workers and automobile engineers.
  •  The eldest participant of POY 2012 was 83 years old, the youngest was 18.
  •  The winner of POY 2012 was awarded with the revolutionary HTC One smartphone.


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