Lensbaby at photokina


Lensbaby launched three products of this year at photokina 2016

Movie maker’s kit


The kit includes a wide range of interchangeable optics and accessories designed to provide filmmakers with a wide range of creative options at a variety of focal lengths. The Composer Pro for selective focusing. Effects like blurring, glowing highlights, and subtle, prismatic color distortions can all be achieved. The lens can be bent off-center in any direction for different results. There are 7 Optic Swap optics The included Muse offers a tack sharp sweet spot, with minimal diffusion at all aperture settings, and is also compatible with the included Optic Swap optics. A 0.42x Super Wide Angle Conversion Lens, a Wide Angle/Telephoto kit, a Macro kit, and a Step-up/Shade are all included for almost unlimited creative possibilities. The included Creative Aperture Kit 2 is a set of aperture disks that gives you creative control over the shape of the spherical highlights in your Lensbaby photos.

Composer Pro II


The Composer Pro II with Edge 50  and 80 Optic creates a slice of tack-sharp detail, through objects in both the foreground and background, encased by a smooth blur. Tilt and move the lens for fluid, on-the-fly inspiration. Reveal remarkable dimension and depth for everything from landscapes to the smallest details.

Twist 60


Twist 60 is a 60mm f/2.5 lens for full frame SLR and Mirrorless cameras that will help you discover the essence of your subject – adding magic and emotion to your portraits, still life images and more. Twist 60 helps you draw extra attention to your subjects by separating them from their background with delicious twisty, swirly blur. When shooting at bright apertures Twist 60’s subtle vignette calls further attention to anything you place within the large central area of focus, for a timeless, vintage look. As you stop down the area of focus gets larger while still creating subtle swirling at the edges. Twist 60 Optic is part of the Optic Swap™ System and is also available as an individual optic for use with full frame cameras.

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