DFR-275: Digitek’s Rocker Arm

Digitek DFR-275 Foldable Rocker Arm

Digitek DFR-275 FOldable Rocker Arm

The DFR-275 launched by Digitek is there new professional folding rocker arm with a folding size of 1035 x 145 x 110mm. Constructed with a portable design this arm is light weight & its small size makes it convenient to carry. With a convey weight of 5kg, it is easy to operate and allows users to replace the length according to the required shooting distance.

Foldable Rocker

Foldable Rocker

The new DFR 275’s structure is CNC machined, that adopts┬áCNC precision machine tool processing with high-quality surface oxidation treatment thereby, making the whole Rocker arm more stable and aesthetically better.

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