WD’s Hard Drive Has an SD Card Slot!

My Passport Wireless hard drive with SD card slot.

My Passport Wireless hard drive with SD card slot.

Western Digital has launched a new wireless hard drive, the My Passport Wireless, with a built-in SD card reader. making it the ultimate on-location hard drive. When an SD card is plugged into the drive, you can set it up to back up images or take all your pictures and format the card. To view images you can do so, via USB or wirelessly using their free app.

The hard drive is also cordless, with its own WiFi connection and internal battery, allowing you to back up date wirelessly. In fact, not just backups, one can stream files to your computer or phone. It pairs with WD’s My Cloud App on up to eight devices at one go. The rechargable battery allows six hours of streaming, or 22 hours on standby mode.

For the less adventurous who don’t want to rely on WiFi, it does have a USB 3.0 port.

The 1TB version of the wireless drive will be available at USD 130 (approx. Rs. 8000). It is also available in a 500GB and a 2TB version. So photographers/videographers going on location, or even at weddings have a perfect back up storage option, especially since the SanDisk 512GB SD card maybe a little out of reach at the moment (priced at approx. Rs. 48,000)!

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