Two Samsung Lenses Announced


Along with the 4k-flagship NX1, Samsung also displayed two new lenses at photokina.

The first is the 50–150 f/2.8 telephoto lens, which is 75–250mm in 35mm parlance. Complementing the NX1’s weathersealed body, the 50–150mm is dust and weather-resistant. It features an ultra-precise stepping motor and an advanced multiple-axis optical image stabilisation.

Samsung 50–150mm f/2.8

Samsung 50–150mm f/2.8

The stabilisation uses three sensors to detect movement and the company claims that pictures will remain blur-free at longer shutterspeeds. The lens ships with alongside the NX1 in October, and is priced at USD 1600 (approx. Rs. 98,000).

The next in the new lineup is a 300mm f/2.8, which is still under development. A prototype was displayed at the event, so no details about the pricing and availability is announced yet.

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