PXLSoft Displays Album & Software at photokina


PXLSoft has announced the the Dg FotoSmart, a software designed to provide a cloud-based solution to the digital imaging industry, which comes as the next generation to the DgFotoArtGold and the DgFotoEnterprize.

The Dg FotoSmart is a cross-platform album designer software, that  features an online proofing and approval service and also has a business tablet application. It also offers access to their other newly-released product, the Dg SmartCloud. The Dg SmartCloud features both online and offline modes and is compatible across operating systems. Both these products are on display at the photokina 2014.


A demonstration of the PXLSoft software at photokina 2014

The PXLSoft stall at the trade fair.

The PXLSoft stall at the trade fair.


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