Polaroid’s Socialmatic Prototype on Display at Photokina

Instagram Socialmatic

Instagram Socialmatic

Since its announcement in 2012, Polaroid displayed its Socialmatic protoype at photokina. Visitors had a chance to hold and shoot with the device that shares a very close resemblance to Instagram’s logo.

The square device features a 14MP camera and a 2MP front-facing camera. It has a 4GB internal memory with a microSD card slot, along with WiFi and Bluetooth. The front portion of the camera features a small LCD screen on the top left that does nothing but display emoticons depending on the duration of time the camera has been used. The company calls it the ‘Frontal LCD with mood assistant AI’. For instance, if the camera was used a lot, then a smiling emoticon will appear and if it hasn’t been used then a frowning emoticon will appear. It also displays symbols depending on the weather and a QR code to enable users to gain more followers. There is also a 4.5-inch touchscreen jammed on the other side of the camera. Details about its resolution is yet to be revealed.

Judging by the features mentioned so far, there seems to be nothing exceptional about the camera, and in fact sounds more like a smartphone. But it does contain a feature that no smartphone has, and of course that has got to be a printer considering that it is from Polaroid. As soon as you have made a photograph, you can immediately print it on a 2×3-inch ZINK instant photo paper. 10 such sheets can be inserted inside the camera.

The Socialmatic was supposed to release this year during Fall, but Polaroid has shifted the period to some time early 2015. The pricing has been set at USD 388 (Rs. 23,680).


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