Panasonic GM5 with EVF, Same Size & Price as the Old GM1


Panasonic GM5

When Better Photography reviewed the Panasonic GM1 earlier this year, we predicted that this was the mirrorless camera that threatened compact cameras most. It was efficient, fast, not super expensive and really, really small. The only way compacts could beat this, we thought, was to offer larger sensors, faster lenses or in-built EVFs in similar form factors.

And now that compact cameras have started doing that (read that as RX100 III), Panasonic has updated the GM1. The 16MP MFT camera now has an Electronic Viewfinder and a hot shoe, both of these while maintaining the tiny size of the camera! The fact that the camera is priced the same as the GM1 (USD 900, approx. Rs. 54,000) is a pleasant surprise.

Simultaneously Panasonic also announced two lenses at photokina 2014—the Lumix G X Vario 35–100mm lens which will give you an equivalent focal length of 70–200mm. Finally, the company announced the development of a Lumix G Vario 30mm f/2.8 Macro lens.

Click on the video below to watch the unveiling of the Panasonic GM5 at photokina 2014.

Also, catch this video of Panasonic Japan’s Michi Fujinaga giving a walkthrough of all the features of the Panasonic GM5.

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