Leica Launches the M-P Minus Iconic Red Dot

Leica M-P

Leica M-P in silver


photokina 2014 might see a lot of excitement coming from the iconic rangefinder manufacturer, with a bunch of lens rumoured to be released. Before that, the company has added the latest digital full frame camera to their M system, the M-P. Do note, this release is not to be confused with the Leica MP which was a film camera released in 2003.

The Leica M-P improves on the M with a 2GB RAM, which will now allow users to shoot full-resolution images at twice the speed. It also comes with a sapphire crystal glass 920p resolution LCD, making it more resistant to scratches. Other features include the ability to capture 1080p videos and weather sealing.

The camera record videos at 1080p

The camera record videos at 1080p

Curiously enough, the company is going for an understated feel with this camera and does not feature the iconic red Leica dot. Instead, it  has discreet Leica engraving on the top plate. It will ship in both black and silver for USD 7950 (approx. 4,86,000).

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