Hasselblad’s New Multi-Shot H5D-200c MS Makes 200MP Files!

H5D-200c Mutl-Shot

H5D-200c Muti-Shot

Hasselblad has announced the H5D-200c Multi-Shot, the latest in its Multi-Shot line up of cameras. The 50MP CMOS sensor has high ISO sensitivities along with shutterspeed capabilities of 12 minutes. But the best part about the camera is it Multi-Shot capability. The camera takes a series of around 4-6 images of a subject and combines them into a gigantic 200MP file. The advantage of this being the sheer amount of detail that can be captured, provided the subject remains static. Like the previous Multi-Shot, the 200c features a shutterspeed range of 12 minutes and 1.5fps. The camera will cost USD 45,000 (approx. 27,00,000).

At photokina 2014, Hasselblad announced an upgrade version of this camera with WiFi. This was added to enable remote control through iOS devices


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