Film Stock Used for Schindler’s List Now Available Again

The CineStill bwXX Film

The CineStill bwXX Film

CineStill announces a new film for Photokina 2014, the bwXX negative film. This is a repackaging of the old Kodak Eastman Double X 5222 film stock, which was used in classic films like Schindler’s List,Memento, Kafka, Casino Royale and many others. As Kodak no longer offers this still stock, CineStill Film has decided to release and distribute it under their label.

This classic black & white film emulsion, with an Exposure Index of 250 in daylight and 200 under tungsten lighting. CineStill recommends film development in Kodak D-96 developer, but is compatible will all black and white film developers.

CineStill provides the film in 36 exposure film canisters, but as the canisters are not DX coded, you’ll have to set ISO manually. The film has a limited availability of 2000 films and costs USD 7.49 (approx. Rs 450) a roll.


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