Elinchrom Showcases the Powerful ELC Pro HD 1000

ELC Pro HD 1000

ELC Pro HD 1000

Announced earlier this year, the ELC Pro HD 1000 from Elinchrom, is a new high-end compact flash unit from Elinchrom, that features a recycling time of 1.2 seconds to full power and flash durations of upto 1/5260 seconds in the t(0.5) mode, that enables you to freeze motion. The light has an OLED screen that can display a stop based power scale that displays the power in Joules and flash durations among other settings.

It also features three flash modes: Sequence mode, which ensure sequential triggers of up to 20 ELCs in continuous or burst mode, the Delayed mode which allows a choice between the first or second curtain sync, which is also customiseable. The Strobo mode, enables users to use a stroboscopic effect in a single picture.

Watch this video to know more about this ELC Pro HD 1000:


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