Curved Sensors and Smelly Cameras!

Sony's new curved sensor.

Sony’s new curved sensor.

Seemingly simple innovations often have far-reaching consequences. Heard of curved TVs and OLEDs? Here is something new… Sony just may announce a curved sensor fullframe camera at photokina 2014. Curved image capturing methods have been around for a while. Some panoramic cameras and even miniature cameras have had curved film planes. But curved image sensors are a first for consumer oriented devices. Just some time ago, Sony had announced ‘perfume bottle’ themed selfie cams (oddly named ‘KW-1) which may possibly have a curved sensor.

The perfume releasing camera.

The perfume releasing camera.

Why are curved sensors exciting? Essentially, a curved plane helps with field curvature, and consequently, evens out the distance travelled by light towards the centre and the edges of the frame. It also helps diodes pick up more light than usual at the edges. And if Sony’s recent sensor prowess is anything to go by, this promises to be a big step forward for photographers.

But what does this really mean? It could herald a range of cameras with smaller lenses, simpler lens constructions and bigger apertures. It would also most certainly mean sharper images, greater center-to-edge performance, and improved light sensitivity. It is not known if these sensors are curved just laterally or spherically. There are rumours that the new version of the full-frame RX1 may feature this, and may be unveiled at photokina 2014.

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