Better Photography at photokina 2014: Celebrating Imaging


Personally, I have always thought of photokina as a grand, humongous celebration. This is a place where almost every significant manufacturer from across the world pays homage to photographers by putting their very latest and best technologies and products on display, to touch and try. And one of the big rules of photokina is that nobody is allowed to sell stuff, but simply display, making the event quite sacrosanct as hallowed ground for photographers.

On the other hand, photographers from around the world will be present, to pay complete attention to those who make the tools of their trade, in a sense… to appreciate the effort and the risks that these manufacturers make for them. This celebration is not only about products and technologies, but also about images, with fantastic galleries of significant works put up all over the trade show grounds, and in fact, all over the city.

Regardless of economic slumps, natural disasters and commercial rationales, what must be truly appreciated is that an event of the scale of photokina does indeed take place, and the world of photography is richer for it.

Photokina 2014 starts on September 16 and extends to September 21st. The Better Photography team will be there all through and will be sending you live updates from trade show grounds at Koelnmesse, on Twitter, Instagram and right here on our website. We have a daily email newsletter as well you can sign up for, from the 15th as well.

Enjoy a brief glimpse of photokina in the gallery below of what the trade show grounds and the city look like during the event. See you at photokina!


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