Young Voices in Fashion & Portraiture: Rema Chaudhary

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Rema Chaudhary hails from Mumbai. She has graduated from the Hallmark Institute of Photography in Massachusetts, USA. In her own words, “I create because I must! Inspiration for me changes on a daily basis. It comes from music, the internet, travelling and the people I choose to surround myself with.”


All photographs by Rema Chaudhary

All photographs by Rema Chaudhary

I am very drawn to structure and geometry. Lines and shapes, textures of walls and fabrics, movement and stance…all come together to give my pictures a particular narrative.

Composition, for me, is key. If you look at the work of Arnold Newman or Henri Cartier-Bresson, you see a compositional tension that I find brilliant. There is a perfect relationship between the background and the subject. Their work has been a huge influence in the way I see.

Having said that, I do enjoy spontaneity. Sometimes the most ordinary and banal objects can look so glorious in the right light or if you just go in closer.

I don’t consider myself a fashion photographer. A mood or vibe photographer perhaps, always looking for something that invokes a feeling, the extraordinary in the ordinary, the surreal in the real and possibly the ‘oooh’ in oops!

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