Young Voices in Fashion & Portraiture: Bhumika Bhatia

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Bhumika Bhatia is based in Gurgaon. While her practice is self-taught, her affinity for art goes back to her childhood. She also pursues wedding photography and art direction. 


All photographs by Bhumika Bhatia

All photographs by Bhumika Bhatia

When I began shooting on a whim over seven years ago, I was making pictures of what I thought people wanted to see. But then, I came to realise that it has to be about me. Over time, I have become clearer about the kind of photography I’d like to do.

I tend to write down words and phrases that signify the thoughts and feelings within me. Then, I try to portray the words visually. If I am experiencing negativity, I try to convert it into something positive.

In terms of visual language, surrealism is something I have always been drawn to. If ever I feel uninspired, I watch Tim Burton’s Big Fish. There’s nothing like a dose of that movie to get me out of a rut. Recently, I’ve fallen in love with Ingmar Bergman’s films and hope to shoot a series inspired by The Seventh Seal. I am also influenced by the narratives that Sally Mann and Tim Walker weave through their photography.


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