Young Voices in Fashion & Portraiture: Aman Makkar

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Aman Makkar is a self taught fashion photographer based in New Delhi. In the past, he has assisted Tarun Khiwal, which, he says, served as an immensely valuable experience. 


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All photographs by Aman Makkar

I was once told, “the day you feel that your aesthetic is formed is the day you can put your feet up.” This has stayed with me and consequently, I always find my vision and aesthetic in a state of flux. Paying immense attention to detail, understanding the different demands of each shot and partying hard after a job well done are qualities that I find myself constantly honing.

As an outsider in the fashion industry, I am driven to understanding it better and pushing myself to create more. For me, fashion is constantly evolving.

There is a lot of cinematic influence in my picturemaking. I find the vibrant symmetry in Wes Anderson’s work lovely and inspiring. The Swedish classic Wild Strawberries by Ingmar Bergman is my current favourite. I’m also inspired by the work of Guy Bourdin, Terry Richardson and Juergen Teller. For me, the beauty of each frame, painting or work of art lies in the emotion it conveys. Pure aesthetics can hold the interest of the viewer for only a short period of time. Add emotion, and the photograph becomes truly enchanting.

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