Winners of Politics of Food | Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year 2021


Here are the compelling pictures submitted in the Politics of Food category of the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year 2021:

Founded in 2011 by Caroline Kenyon and her team at The Food Awards Company, the contest celebrates the best in food photography and film today. There are 30 unique categories that cover a range of depictions of food in society. The entries are then judged by experts—photographers, magazine editors, creative directors, film directors, food retailers, and chefs. This year, the esteemed panel of jurors included David Loftus, the Chair of Judges, Nicola Galloway, Jussi Brofeldt, and Francis Hodgson, among others. The title winner receives a cash prize of 5000 GBP.

First Winner: Sandro Maddalena, Italy

Photograph/Sandro Maddalena

Old Friends: In 1992 and 1993, the conflict between the Abkhazian militias and the Georgian armed forces produced more than 2,00,000 internally displaced persons (IDP). About 10,000 IDP arrived in Tskaltubo, a small semi-abandoned town which, in the Soviet era, had gained a certain notoriety as a tourist destination. Its radon-carbonate mineral springs and the 22 luxurious sanatoriums made Tskaltubo the ideal destination for the “wellness holidays”. The collapse of the Soviet Union resulted in the decline of springs. In a short span, 21 of the 22 sanatoriums closed down. The abandoned structures were used to deal with refugees who were waiting to find a new home. In 2020, I decided to document the endless wait of IDP, and on a visit to one of the sanatoriums, I met these four friends who invited me to share a meal with them. Like so many others, these men have spent a good part of their lives in the crumbling Soviet buildings watching their children and grandchildren grow up in the hope of a better future.

Second Winner: Sharwar Apo, Bangladesh

Photograph/Sharwar Apo

The Kitchen: River erosion in Bangladesh has become a yearly catastrophe, mainly caused by global warming and climate change. People who reside in the northern part of Bangladesh next to the river bank struggle every day for food, sanitation, and shelter. They do their daily chores, including the preparation of their meal, underneath the open sky.

Third Winner: Edmond Terakopian, United Kingdom

Photograph/Edmond Terakopian

Devoid Of Diners: This image was photographed during the first month of lockdown due to the ongoing pandemic. Usually, this courtyard, located in the famous Covent Garden Apple Market, would be bustling with people. However, it was very odd to see this place so deserted. The black and white colour highlights an air of despondency.

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