Winners of the Pink Lady® Apple a Day | Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year 2021


Here are the awe-inspiring images submitted in the Pink Lady® Apple a Day category of the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year 2021:

Founded in 2011 by Caroline Kenyon and her team at The Food Awards Company, the contest celebrates the best in food photography and film today. There are 30 unique categories that cover a range of depictions of food in society. The entries are then judged by experts—photographers, magazine editors, creative directors, film directors, food retailers, and chefs. This year, the esteemed panel of jurors included David Loftus, the Chair of Judges, Nicola Galloway, Jussi Brofeldt, and Francis Hodgson, among others. The title winner receives a cash prize of 5000 GBP.

First Winner: Natalia Bogubowicz, Poland

Photograph/Natalia Bogubowicz

Apple in Cake: Although it is usually a gloomy and skimpy season in Poland, I decided to create the photograph without artificial lighting. It is how I love to make my images, next to the window with naturally available light. From the beginning, I knew that I wanted to approach the subject a bit differently for this category. I didn’t feel like introducing a fresh, firm and juicy apple. I knew that when it is heated, an apple can also look beautiful and appetising. So when I began baking an ordinary apple pie, I decided to photograph it in a way that would allow the viewer to feel the aroma of the fruit, the scent of butter cake and cinnamon. They should feel like reaching out and taking another slice.

Second Winner: Anastasija Malinovska, United Kingdom

Photograph/Anastasija Malinovska

Magic Birds: The last year was very challenging for us all. It showed just how fast our lives change. I have always wanted to make an image that depicts the fragility of our lives. When I saw Dale Chihuly’s beautiful, colourful glass sculptures, it reminded me of sweet caramel coating. It inspired me to create this image, where two apples resembling birds had to change and adapt to new and unexpected circumstances but still want to live and fly.

Third Winner: Emilia Konkol-Pastuszak, Poland

Photograph/Emilia Konkol-Pastuszak

Apple Pie: I previsualse my images, including this one. Then I look for props that will correspond with my idea. Sometimes, I use the ones already in my collection. Or, I look for them at flea markets, antique shops, or even in places where they discard these items. During the session, I kept rearranged everything according to the composition I need. To me, this photograph portrays an idyllic setting, carrying a sweet message. The freshness of the cake contrasts with the old furniture from the early 20th century. Through this photograph, I wanted to show temporariness, tempting pleasure, and its impermanence.

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